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From the stink of smoky leather bars to cuffs, whips, clamps, gags, speculums or fisting in a dark room - fulfill your fetishes and check out others' fetishes through webcam sessions, articles, videos, favorite fetish spots around the world...
This is our ideal fetish galaxy and it reflects years of experience and passion - both mine and the community that joined me.

Before you start – Cleaning and preparing for anal fisting

Today is the day you're about to stretch your anal limits just a bit more. You're probably excited, maybe a bit fearful. But fear not. This article will guide you in how to prepare yourself in the best way possible and to avoid many "traps" along the way. First of all – the cleanup! Doctors... Read More

Domination and Submission: The basics

BDSM is everywhere lately – in a very popular book series, in movies, in magazines. If you've always wondered what it was exactly, this article is for you, the beginner who'd like to join the fun. Here are the basics that you should know – in theory and practice. The idea Domination and... Read More

Wax play 101 – Part 1: preparations

When you were younger, you probably remember candles being part of special occasions – weddings, special dinners, holidays and so on. Now that you're all grown up, you might have heard that candles can also be a special occasion in bed – in the form of the very erotic, sensual wax play. Wax... Read More

Chastity devices: How to choose the right one

Chastity devices hold a world of possibilities – all possible because you've blocked one important aspect. Your partner is usually in control of his/her own sexual needs, but this means that s/he can cheat on you anytime. The best way to prevent cheating is a chastity device. A device... Read More

Beyond the look: How to become the other sex

Cross-dressing is not simply about wearing a dress or a three-piece suit. Of course, looks is an important part of this fetish, but there are other things that are at least equally important. Here are the things you will need to master if you're going to be a successful... Read More

Beyond the harness: More leather wear

When thinking about leather-wear, there are some pieces that come to mind immediately; harnesses, corsets and belts mostly. But, there are many more options to try – and we are here to help you find them. Gauntlets Taking you back to the days of kings and knights, gauntlets give you a rough... Read More

Whipping – 101

Let's get one thing out of the way first! There are many, many types of whips and each one is slightly different. Therefore, this article cannot cover specifics. If you're a beginner with no experience whatsoever, start with Flogging. If you've already done that, we'd suggest keeping the single... Read More

The secret spot guide to the female genitalia

When dominating a woman, you are faced with an unknown area – the vagina. Of course you've seen it before, but you do not know it as well as your own equipment, for obvious reasons. Never fear, stud, this article will explain exactly where you will find the secret... Read More

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