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Hide and seek: Mask styles for play time


If you want to spice your scene up with some face covers, you've got quite a few options – and while Halloween masks are fun and cool, masks and hoods that are designed especially for playtime can enhance your play very much. However, if you want to go pro – Here are the main types of masks used in BDSM scenes:


The most common type of BDSM masks is usually made of one piece that covers the whole head. Some have zippers for the eyes and the mouth or none at all, so they can act as built in gags or blindfolds – though some hoods have those as well!

Head harnesses

The head harness, is, well, a harness for the head. Like a chest harness, the head harness is made of straps – which, in turn, can also be used as built in gags and blindfolds. Some are built especially for Pony Play, and contain bit gags and muzzles similar to ones a bio-horse would use.

Animal masks

True, the Pony play harnesses and some hoods are also animal masks – but this category is for the actual animal masks, those who are shaped like emulate dog, pig, horse or cat faces. These are, off course, are intended for pet play – but can spice up any other type of play.

A word about choosing a mask: the fit is the most important thing in these. Something too tight, might suffocate or be uncomfortable while a loose one might ruin the effect. Therefore these should be measured carefully, or better – tried on before buying.

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