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From the stink of smoky leather bars to cuffs, whips, clamps, gags, speculums or fisting in a dark room - fulfill your fetishes and check out others' fetishes through webcam sessions, articles, videos, favorite fetish spots around the world...
This is our ideal fetish galaxy and it reflects years of experience and passion - both mine and the community that joined me.

EbonyDominatrix Bio
  • About Me
  • Recorded Shows
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  • Virtual Gifts
  • Requirements
  • Lessons
  • What I do in private:

    your pain is my pleasure ZOOM in and out effect. Hello WeCamgirls

  • Turn ons:

    Dominating and humiating(it just cracks me up!)Seeing u in total enslavement excites the HELL out of me!

  • I speak:

  • Age: 29
  • Sex: Female
  • Sexual Preference: Straight
  • Body Type:Slender
  • Bust Size:Huge
  • Eye Color:Black
  • Hair Color:Black
  • Ethnicity:Ebony
  • Smoking:No

Newest | Best Rated

Latex glam cock

opulent cock sucker to please Mistress

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00:00:46 4.80 credits/min

Leather cock

grip on this now!

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00:07:37 4.80 credits/min

Latex cock

So dominant in my wet tight attire, you are fucked ...

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00:01:28 4.80 credits/min

Peeping cock

from below

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00:01:16 4.80 credits/min

The holiday cock

The lifestyle of sucking my cock is amazing

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00:03:19 4.80 credits/min

Cock sucker fucker

A fag like you needs this

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00:06:08 4.80 credits/min

Fucking u from above

Higher cock

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00:04:21 4.80 credits/min

Get cock now

Its always ready

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00:01:42 4.80 credits/min

Cock and Boots

cock to lick while I wear my black thigh high boots

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00:00:47 4.80 credits/min

pov COCK

so close and personal

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00:05:18 4.80 credits/min

Slut 4 cock

2 sluts in my room wanting it so bad...

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00:02:11 4.80 credits/min

Big cock

Sometimes an average cock is not good enough. Lets go HUGE!

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00:03:03 4.80 credits/min

Cock viewer

you`re the tiny boy looking up to a juicy black cock

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00:02:08 4.80 credits/min

Cock looks down on u

such my cock looking up

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00:03:35 4.80 credits/min

Cock 4 dinner

eat it up slut

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00:02:47 4.80 credits/min

He asks 4 cock

and so he shall have it. SLUT!

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00:01:14 4.80 credits/min

Glorious COCK

Get it done & suck it.

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00:01:11 4.80 credits/min


He begs for it. What a slut!

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00:03:59 4.80 credits/min

Dark cock

feel it...

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00:03:42 4.80 credits/min

Cock so hard 4 u

its always hard for you

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00:02:57 4.80 credits/min

Cock so hard

you`re always ready 4 Mistress

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00:04:09 4.80 credits/min

Sissy loves COCK

she begs for it!

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00:04:21 4.80 credits/min

Cock take over

come on & enjoy it

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00:01:10 4.80 credits/min

All mighty Cock

always on top

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00:02:56 4.80 credits/min

Cock guidence

its the only way to learn to suck and be fucked by big black cock

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00:00:54 4.80 credits/min

My cock inserts

your faggot ass

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00:00:37 4.80 credits/min

C`mon suck my cock

Keep my BLACK dick nice & wet with your holes.

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00:10:08 4.80 credits/min

Sissy loves cock

sissy slut comes hard to my big black cock

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00:01:09 4.80 credits/min

Cock under satin gown

Nice juicy cock stroked under satin gown

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00:02:35 4.80 credits/min

Black Cock Close

you need this

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00:00:51 4.80 credits/min

2 cocks worship

The biggest one goes in your ass and the other black cock goes in your mouth ...

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00:04:19 4.80 credits/min


Black Bold & Big!

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00:05:54 4.80 credits/min


The biggest you ever seen!

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00:05:12 4.80 credits/min

COCK so close

Latex & cock so close and upfront

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00:03:26 4.80 credits/min

Nasty COCK

Obsess over my perfect cock

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00:02:24 4.80 credits/min

Mistress COCK

he wants it so badly

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00:01:42 4.80 credits/min

OPEN toe flipflops

ebony foot fetish

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00:01:52 4.80 credits/min

Improve your COCK lifestyle

you crave to allow me to go deep inside your holes

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00:01:32 4.80 credits/min

Feel that fat COCK

GET this cock to go past your tonsils

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00:04:02 4.80 credits/min

Nice and Fat COCK

the GOD is risen

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00:01:41 4.80 credits/min

Cover your mouth on my COCK

All the way

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00:03:51 4.80 credits/min


up close and personal

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00:01:38 4.80 credits/min

Happy COCK

My hard cock keeps you happy

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00:03:10 4.80 credits/min

COCK monstrosity

All the way deep inside of you!

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00:01:04 4.80 credits/min

Get the COCK

dick above your face

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00:01:06 4.80 credits/min

Beg 4 COCK

monster dick serves you!

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00:00:43 4.80 credits/min

Sideways COCK

I cram my big black massive COCK sideways in your holes as you IMAGINE the thrill

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00:00:44 4.80 credits/min


looking down on you like the piece of *S that you are, now suck my COCK!

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00:01:00 4.80 credits/min

COCK revenge

you want nothing more than to be face fucked by my big black COCK

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00:01:51 4.80 credits/min

Fuck you strait

with my hard big black COCK..

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00:00:39 4.80 credits/min

COCK violation

sissy requests my dick to punch his tonsils...

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00:04:41 4.80 credits/min

poweful COCK

eating your asshole with my BIG dick

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00:01:06 4.80 credits/min

COCK right now

not later but now!

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00:00:45 4.80 credits/min

COCK playtime

you cant stop playing with my cock

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00:00:35 4.80 credits/min

COCK suck

you want and need it so bad

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00:03:32 4.80 credits/min

Dick under dress

peek a boo cock

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00:00:40 4.80 credits/min

COCK forever

hop your slutty holes on it

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00:01:15 4.80 credits/min

Gorgeous ebony dick

You want nothing more than to suck and fuck it till your ass turns raw!

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You NEED this COCK

take it deeply in both your holes until you choke & explode

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Take my COCK

BECAUSE, black dick is the best!

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Do it NOW faggot!

Gag on this beautiful black Phallus

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COCK perfection

In gothic latex as you IMAGINE sucking my black cock. Do it NOW!

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The Dick Tease 4 u

you will never get enough

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Suck this COCK

All the way to the rim in POV

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00:03:51 4.80 credits/min

Big Dick

Bow to your woman

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00:03:18 4.80 credits/min

Nice Juicy Black Cock

Giantess StrapOn : Superior black COCK

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00:03:02 4.80 credits/min

The Black Cock POV

Open, Suck...

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00:01:16 4.80 credits/min

Black Cock Envy

While you envy black cock you NEED it!

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00:01:13 4.80 credits/min

Pink HighHeel Legs

A hot session with footbitch. You`re next!

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00:10:40 4.80 credits/min

Suck Domina`s Dick

deep throat it...

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00:00:57 4.80 credits/min

The best cock

Dont watch this video its too....

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00:02:06 4.80 credits/min

Ebony Feminization

seduction instruction

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00:02:23 4.80 credits/min

Sit on my Cock

nice and deep

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00:00:48 4.80 credits/min

Cock in your face

Open you mouth

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00:03:07 4.80 credits/min

Cock is so big

huge large giant massive cock

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00:00:53 4.80 credits/min

My cock is so POWERFUL

more and more and more for you!

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00:03:10 4.80 credits/min

Latex Boots Strapon

He begs to be dominated

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00:12:13 4.80 credits/min

Cock sucking Fagot

you are mine!

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00:04:53 4.80 credits/min

Fat juicy cock by mistress

addicted to big and black dick

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No match to my BIG COCK

I make fun of your tiny cock then force you ot get fucked by my BIG cock

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SPH lesson

you are no match to my giant cock

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00:01:07 4.80 credits/min

Cock inside of you

I fuck you sideways

5 Stars
00:01:16 4.80 credits/min

Cock monster

Yes you may suck my BIG BLACK COCK

4 Stars
00:01:03 4.80 credits/min

Taste Big cock

breakfast, lunch & dinner

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00:01:04 4.80 credits/min

Cock time

You keep coming back for more

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00:03:00 4.80 credits/min

Giant black cock

I want to fill you..

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00:05:04 4.80 credits/min

Massive black cock

You will not escape my black magic stick..

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00:00:25 4.80 credits/min

My cock

I love the way you suck my big black cock

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00:00:37 4.80 credits/min

Superior Black Cock

Stroke my cock with your wet slutty mouth

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00:00:45 4.80 credits/min

Cock attack

My BIG BLACK COCK takes over. You are down below and helpless. There is no choice but to suck it.

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00:01:00 4.80 credits/min

Cock & Boot worship

I am going to fuck you with my BIG BLACK COCK & thigh high latex boots

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00:03:05 4.80 credits/min

Licking my boots

clean them like you never done before boot-bitch

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00:02:38 4.80 credits/min

Leg worship

Worship my latex legs and spike high heels

0 Stars
00:00:43 4.80 credits/min

Boot Worship

Lick my boots clean

0 Stars
00:10:34 4.80 credits/min

Lipstick Fetish

Putting two layers of lipstick on and licking my lips

0 Stars
00:01:57 4.80 credits/min

Cock worship

Your ass and mouth belongs to me fag!

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00:02:03 4.80 credits/min

Sucking on my cock

Looking down on you as you suck my cock

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00:05:08 4.80 credits/min

Cock thunder

teasing your sluty holes with her BIG BLACK COCK

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00:00:46 4.80 credits/min

Sweaty soles

and toes under your nose!

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00:00:40 4.80 credits/min

Dick Smoker

Puff your mouth away on my BLACK cock!

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00:02:11 4.80 credits/min

Suck my Black Big cock

you deserve to have it deep

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00:05:32 4.80 credits/min

Lipstick Fetish

Beautiful ethnic lips of seduction

0 Stars
00:01:58 4.80 credits/min

Foot Worship

Smell Lick & taste my ebony feet

0 Stars
00:00:57 4.80 credits/min

Dark Cock

your holes are here for my cock

0 Stars
00:05:55 4.80 credits/min

POV foot fetish

zoom ebony foot fetish soles and toes

0 Stars
00:05:15 4.80 credits/min

Hypnotic smoke

Demonic black magic pulls you into my hypnotic smoke and lipstick fetish spell!

5 Stars
00:01:36 4.80 credits/min

Fire toes

Watch heat and fire move off my divine ebony feet!

0 Stars
00:01:53 4.80 credits/min

Adore ebony feet

Beautiful wiggling toes and wrinkled ebony soles

0 Stars
00:08:22 4.80 credits/min

Sexy ebony soles

Arched and wrinkled pretty black feet. Lick!

0 Stars
00:02:05 4.80 credits/min

Foot Fetish Crush

Watch mistress cursh ur balls-face-body under my powerful black gothic pumps.

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00:02:44 4.80 credits/min
0:57 Free

Goddess Worship

suffer for me...

0:59 Free

Hypnotic POV lips

Hypnotic lipstic tease for tiny cock losers to drool. Wank that ugly little thing until if falls off! Worship your black femdom now loser...

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